Mine valuation

Project evaluation | Feasibility study | Project start-up
The Gesmine team has the know-how to cover your needs regarding project evaluation, preliminary economic assessment, feasibility study, cost estimate, site start-ups. The technical reports issued by Gesmine may be NI 43-101 or other guidelines (JORC, SMREC, etc.) compliant if needed.

Applied geology: mapping, drilling, ore resources calculation according to the guidelines now in use;
  • Project Evaluation: What is the dollar value, at a given date of a project, taking into account the residual value, the replacement value of a machine or a facility, the capitalized value, etc.?
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment - Feasibility Study: What is the degree of viability of a mining project: cash flow, net present value, capital recovery period, environmental impact, etc.?
  • Cost Estimate: What would be the investment and operating costs associated with an existing mine project or mine or quarry operation?
  • Project Start-up: Should the work be done by a mining contractor? If so, how to select it? What types of mining equipment to acquire or lease? What infrastructure the project would need; how to plan the start-up and ramp-up of a mining project, etc.?


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