Resuming mining operations following COVID-19

The COVID-19 has led to the sometimes brutal closure of many segments of the economic activity. The following few basic rules will help during the surface mines and quarries start-ups. I invite you to enrich this list.
• Check the accesses and infrastructure protecting the excavation: fences, dikes, etc.;
• Check the stability of the rock walls: sliding, rock fall, etc.;
• Check the condition of the catch benches: clearance, access, etc.;
• Check the potential effects of erosion of walls, platforms, roads, etc.;
• Inspect the excavation and the surface infrastructure: mechanical workshop, mining machinery, crushing, handling and storage systems, storage areas, surface water management systems, etc.;
• Check the site's compliance with Laws and Regulations, relating to health and safety at work, and environmental protection, etc.;
• Develop a work plan based on the new requirements from public health;
• Develop an operating plan based on the immediate needs of customers like grade control;
• Plan the sequential and safe start of operations;
• Develop the production ramp-up plan and the long-term operating plan.


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